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La Grande Ourse school is a non profit organization. It was founded in 1983, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Its teaching covers both primary and secondary levels, and prepares each student, individually contracted, to all post-scholar programs (principle of global schooling).

The school is run by the co-management of parents, teachers and students. The decision making authorities are the monthly General Assembly, where parents and teachers meet, and the School Council, made of students and teachers. The teacher team is responsible for implementing the pedagogical concept. 

The schooling fees are calculated proportionally to the parents' income.

The maximum strength is 24 students from 6 to 16 years old, in two groups of 12.

The pedagogical principles of the school are:

The program:

For the main subjects, our school's program is equivalent to the State's program. 

In other subjects, the program is based on our own choices, depending on interests.

The schooling is bilingual French-German for native German speaking students.

La Grande Ourse is for students who are able to follow their schooling normally. Two or three places are reserved for children with learning difficulties (more than one year behind). 

See also our complete description in: "How does it work ?"


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