The school is run by the co-management of parents, teachers and students. 

The decision making authorities, are the monthly General Assembly, where parents and teachers meet, and the School Council, made of students and teachers. 

The management of the school is done by an executive Committee appointed by the General Assembly.
It includes parents, teachers and administratives. 

The teacher team is responsible for implementing and following-up the pedagogical concept.

The primary and the secondary groups, each numbering around 12 students, are under the responsibility of a permanent teacher. Other specialized teachers also step into the classes for teaching languages, science, theater, music, etc.

 La vie nouvelle de l'Ecole suppose la coopération scolaire,
 c'est à dire la gestion par les usagers, l'éducateur 
compris, de la vie et du travail scolaire. "

Célestin Freinet, Invariant pédagogique no 24

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